Skiptracing. What is it?

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Over the years I have noticed that many people do not know what skiptracing is or what is involved. When a person disappears without a trace, they are called a skip. Certainly not illegal to do. Tracing them down and locating them is another story, thus the term skiptracing.

Skiptracing is an art. It is locating people mostly for the purpose of debt collection, or wage garnishment. However those are not the only purposes. Sometimes it may be as simple as needing a signature on a deed, or mortgage note. They may also have money coming to them. There are adoptions, reunions, and even finding your best friend from WWII.

All of these purposes and more are all part of skiptracing. This is not a just a database search. It is time consuming research to locate individuals that may not want to be found. While databases are great and there are some very fine ones out there, you need to be cognizant of the fact that the data may not always be accurate.
It takes a skilled investigator time to VERIFY the data and to be able to put it all into a report for the client.

Time is money and there are cost factors with everything. While we do not offer a free service in most instances we are less expensive than some of the competition out there and perhaps more expensive that others. What we guarantee is that the data you receive from us is VERIFIED and VALID at the time we provide it to you. We do not guarantee that the information will remain the same in 90 days. A lot could happen during that time.

We do provide new addresses if any, phones, jobs. We also find out if they are dead or in jail. This is all information that helps you plan your next step.

I urge you to look at our website: and judge for yourself.

Vendor Testing

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I would like to know what the standard operating procedure is for a vendor to be tested. I have spoken recently with several companies and they would like to test my company. To me that is fine, but they would like to give us 100 cases for example to be worked at no charge.
Now I have done that in the past only to be told that they found someone for less money.
We do our work manually as everything has to be verbally verified.
The databases are a great tool and they do help, but the information does need to be verified.
There is a cost factor involved and time as well. Any ideas how to approach this?

While I do not want to lose a potential client, I also don’t want to be losing money either.

I am currently seeking a position in business development. I have 35 years of experience in the industry. My resume can be viewed at or

Getting Paid by Clients

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Last night I had an interesting discussion with another group member about getting paid. His business mirrors my own and his fee structure is similar. He asked me why companies do not want to pay for the services that we provide. We do research that can sometimes take hours of phone calls, internet research and time. It seems that when we have a fee structure our prospective clients balk at it. They want quality information, but do not wish to pay for it.

If I go to an attorney I have to pay him by the hour and there is no negotiating, but the same attorney that wants me to provide him with information that has taken time and research is only willing to pay me $20.00.

I am not a non profit organization and I have overhead and expenses just as anyone else does. Are we not entitled to get paid for our services as well?

Consumer Complaints, FDCPA Lawsuits Increase in June.

I would like to share this article from Collections and Credit Risk written by Darren Waggoner This spells out that the debt-buyers are not effectively auditing their files that have been placed with agencies. This also means that agency owners are not being proactive and having their files audited. While I know that many of the agency owners are being compliant, many are unable to review collector files on a regular basis, they are unable to monitor all the calls. This is why agency’s are being shuttered, and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. My question is would you spend $10,000. to save hundreds of thousands of dollars? Would you spend $10,000 to prevent your business from being shut down? We have the solutions: Please take a few minutes and review the to links and then answer this questions.

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