Happy New Year


I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy and a Healthy. I am looking forward to a new beginning.

If you recall about 6 months ago I shared with you a new product. Casemail. They have brought so much more to the table that I would like to share with you and email that I received from them today.

Hello Steve,

On behalf of everyone here at CaseMail we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope the foundations laid in 2016 will help turn 2017 into a fantastic year for you, your team and your family!

2016 provided us a tremendous opportunity to learn more about what you thought was the most valuable aspect of adding CaseMail to your practice. We learned it wasn’t just about having secure access to an on-demand print-to-mail document delivery and verification platform that increased productivity while lowering your risk. The biggest value we heard from you was the tremendous amount of time that CaseMail saved by simplifying your legal communications and records management processes.

To build on this lesson learned, we will be integrating additional time saving document and delivery verification services, and entering into some key new partnerships that will help make CaseMail “The” legal correspondence management platform in 2017 and beyond!


Have a Great Year!
Joe Ruiz


New CaseMail

2017 Features

  • Multi-Vendor e-Signature Management
  • E-Signature Form Builders
  • E-Serve Management
  • Serve by Mail Management
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • New Integration Partners
  • More

One thought on “Happy New Year

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