Working for Free


Almost 2 years ago I published an article about Salary vs. Commission. Please see the link: In recent weeks I have been come to the negotiation table for several different positions and at the 11th hour the rug has been pulled out from under me. I am starting to wonder why.

I received a phone call from a collection attorney who decided that he is going to test my skiptracing services and send me 200 accounts and that I will work them for free. I politely explained that I do not work for free and that he would have to pay for my services. He was kind enough to tell me that there is a statute that states I must work them for free in order for him to test my services and that any costs be borne by me. I suggested that he send me the statute. I am still waiting.

Another prospective client decided that I would invoice him as he saw fit. Every 90 days. I explained to him that I invoice as each case is completed. He said that he will find someone else that will restructure their invoicing procedures.

Why is it that when I offer a quality service at a reasonable fee no on thinks I should get paid?

As you know I am still seeking new employment. I am seeking a salary not a commission. Salary plus is great, but I do want that base. I am willing to travel extensively. I am willing to relocate, but I can’t work for free.

Yesterday I was talking to the owner of the Signarama location near me. He offers a quality product at a reasonable price and his business increases 20% a year. He gets paid for what he does, but everyone feels that I should be working for free. Why is that?

I found that this picture was very apropos to what I am talking about as it sums it up.


I am a Business Development Expert / Relationship Builder is seeking a new position. Available immediately. Willing to travel extensively, and or relocate. Please view LinkedIn profile. Resume can:be viewed at CALL 954-290-6976 ASAP.

Don’t you think that you should employ an expert?


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