Hurry Up and Wait

Over the last several months many of you know that I have been seeking a new position. About 3 1/2 years ago my parents relocated to Atlanta, Ga for some personal reasons. I would speak with my dad basically on a daily basis and tell him about my job hunt. I would tell him about the phone interviews, the in person interviews, and he would give me some ideas.  I would tell him what jobs sounded promising and he would say “Hurry Up and Wait.” I understand that. Then he would tell me what it was like for him years ago and how job hunting meant that you put on a suit and tie and went out a filled out applications.  There was no internet or online activity. I explained to him how things have changed and they have.  I told him about the companies that were preparing to put together an offer letter and then at the 11th hour they would pull the rug out from under me.  There he said again “Hurry Up and Wait.”

As of today November 28, 2016 he succumbed to cancer. He fought it until there was nothing left to fight. My father Len Taylor will no longer say those words to me, but he will expect me to continue to persevere and I will.


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