This Was in my Email Today.

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I just received this in my email from Marc Cendella of The Ladders and feld that it was worth sharing.  Perhaps some of you will be awake enough to get somewhat of a chuckle from it.

Your audience is busy. They’ve got meetings to sleep in, candy to crush, and fantasy baseball teams to rebalance. Stand out from the other five hundred emails they’ve received this morning by deleting most of what you’ve written. A shorter message stands out.

You see, when you write a long email, your chances of being read, understood, and remembered are much lower. People are receiving far more junk email these days than ever before. Some people have even declared “email bankruptcy” and deleted all of their old emails at once without reading them! So it’s important that you be as concise as possible.

Fewer words on a bold white background grab the attention of the reader and the message resonates. Longer messages hit the trash can without ever making an impact.

I believe that this is what occurs. I have spent the last several months searching for a new position and the search still continues.  Over the years I have often been asked if I would ever go back to a company? The answer is yes. Perhaps the one company I would go back to is Microbilt, Inc based in Kennesaw, GA.  What people forget is that when I joined Microbilt I used LinkedIn as a springboard to get new clients. The calls however did not all come to me. I was more than happy to allow others to benefit and have the company benefit. That is perhaps the only company I would ever go back to for the right reasons.

I would like to share with you my cover letter and resume.


P.O.Box 741342 Boynton Beach, Fl 33474 — 954-290-6976 —

LinkedIn :

 I have decided that I should reach out to you on a more personal  level.  As you know I have been seeking employment and I am also willing to relocate for the right opportunity.  Over the last several years I have been very successful in business development at building relationships and businesses.  I also have the ability to get through to the decision maker.

Attached for your review is my resume.  You’ll see that I can bring many years of invaluable experience  in management, marketing, and sales to your company.

I enjoy and thrive in a high energy, challenging environment that gives me the opportunity to work on numerous projects at once.  In each position I’ve held I have consistently earned outstanding performance evaluations and awards.  I’m a team builder who’s also highly valued for my great organizational skills.  I am in a position that enables me to either work remotely and travel extensively or even relocate depending on the position.

I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the position and review my qualifications for this position in further detail.


Steve  Taylor

My resume follows:


Phone: 954-290-6976 Email:




·         Business Development                    ·         Contract Negotiation ·         Collection Management                  ·         RFI’s & RFP’s
·         Credit Risk Analysis                    ·         Compliance Audits ·         Market Analysis                         ·         Sales Management


  • Manager and Founder of LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group and 10 other industry related groups
  • Appeared as a guest on numerous talk shows to discuss the impact of collections in the United States
  • Florida Licensed Private Investigator
  • Effectively led Social Media Marketing for multiple businesses to develop new relationships
  • Negotiated a contract with a new health insurance carrier saving $10,000.00 per month in premiums
  • Increased collection recovery from $500,000 per month to $3,000,000 per month




Skiptrace Consultants, Inc., 2005-Present, President

  • Traveled nationwide to meet with prospective clients and attend industry trade show events
  • Trained and developed new investigators and new sale representatives
  • Authored skiptrace manual and collection proposals


Creditors Recovery Group, LLC, 2013-2014, Vice President

  • Hired and trained new collectors
  • Created collection proposal, employee manual, and collection agreement


Microbilt Corporation, 2012-2013, Director of Sales Collection and Legal Verticals

  • Increased sales to the collection and legal vertical markets using LinkedIn
  • Provided discounts to LinkedIn members thus increasing new accounts


Credit Counsel, Inc., 2011-2012, Vice President of Business Development

  • Developed a consumer collection clientele for this commercial agency
  • Increased placements from 50 per month to over 1000 per month


Thompson & Associates, P.C., 2006-2011, Vice President of Business Development

  • Generated $41B in receivables in 4 years. Collected $15m annually.
  • Awarded Top Performer four consecutive years for consistently exceeding goals, 2006-2010


Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd., 2002-2006, Skiptrace Manager

  • Developed a skiptrace unit and it generated over $1.5m in gross recoveries monthly.
  • Trained collectors on new skiptrace techniques




Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing

Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL


Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

Fort Lauderdale College, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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