Collection Letter Mailings

As many of you know I have been searching for a new position for some time. I am still seeking that full time position, however with my many years and experience in the collection field and knowing what you must do to remain compliant I have aligned myself with a company called CaseMail a digital postal service.

When I had a collection agency I had someone that I paid $10.00 and hour to. She would sit and stuff envelopes, and postal regulations required them to be sorted a certain way. It would take days. I would finally be able to take them to the post office and then spend another 2 hours re-sorting them and making certain they all faced the right way and were zip code sorted properly. 3 days cost $80.00 per day in payroll or $240.00 just for the labor of one person, then the transport to the main post office and the time spent there.

If I had known about CaseMail back then I would have used them. Imagine being able to look up and see when something was actually delivered.  I would have saved a fortune of money and everything would have been in compliance.

CaseMail  can integrate with any collection or legal software.  Currently they are integrated with CLIO a legal software. They have also be approved by the United States Federal Courts.



2 thoughts on “Collection Letter Mailings

  1. It is not that these companies didnt exist when we you had the agency. It is that the minimum number of letters that these companies require per month is usually much higher than what a start up agency has for volume. That is why you had to do your letters in house until that volume is reached.

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