Business Development vs Telemarketing

business_development skills

What is the difference between the two?  I am wondering if anyone really knows. I believe that I do.

I have worked in business development for many years in the collection space. It is relationship building. This is something that takes time. When you walk into a company without a book of business and most of the time you can’t due to non-compete agreements one is starting from scratch. Without a doubt you are going to use the phone, but you are trying to build a relationship. It is not a telemarketing position. Something that many agency owners fail to remember. It is not about how many calls you made in a day, how many minutes you spoke before lunch and after lunch and how many deals you closed in one day. It is about relationships. Do you remember their birthdays, ask about their families, or just call up to see how they are doing in general? Have you offered to go and meet them? That is what is is. It is the people business. Remember that you are in the people business. There is a reason why you lost someone as a client. What can you do to correct it and make certain it does not happen again.

Telemarketing on the other hand is all about volume. Usually one is tethered to a dialer and it is based on how many calls were made, the minutes spoken and the how many deals were closed.  Telemarketing is great when you are selling to the consumer and it is probably a one time call. Get in, do your pitch, close the deal and get out. This is usually not repeat business. It is however based on volume.

As this is being written and I address this to business owners, but many collection agency owners please ask yourself what is it that you want. Do you want to develop those long term relationships that are generating revenue for your company, for your client and for the person that is doing the New Business Development.

I am one of those people that love to be doing New Business Development. I am good at it and building the relationships. If you want someone who is an expert in New Business Development then look no further. Review my resume at and then call 954-290-6976 to schedule an appointment.

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