How Long Does it Take?

For the last several years I have been reaching out to you in search of a new position. I have been promised positions that require relocation or remote positions that require extensive travel. The biggest question that I have is why do they not come to fruition.

For those of you who do not know me I am a loyal, hardworking, and extremely intelligent man. I have had companies lining up to provide me with commission only positions, however there is not guarantee that I will make any money. My personal feelings are that an employer needs to invest money into their business in order to make money and to keep people.

Two and one half years ago I opened a collection agency with a business partner. I did it without an income, but had employees that were getting paid very well for a new agency. Unfortunately the business was not producing an ROI in a fast enough time for my business partner to want to keep it open. I was very specific that it would take 18 – 24 months before he would see a return on investment.  Since that time I have worked in various consulting positions just to have a cash flow.

Skiptrace Consultants, Inc ( has been opened for the last 10 years, but for some reason companies are no longer interested in having manual skiptracing done and if they are it should be performed for free. Unfortunately it takes time and costs money to do it.

At this point I am asking you to take a look at my resume of which is located at Take a look at the openings in your firm. I am not married to the collection industry and would welcome another industry as well. Sometimes it is worth taking a chance. I have made a lot of money for many companies. Would you like to increase your revenues?  My LinkedIn profile is located here:

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.



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