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I have been told by recruiters that a resume should be kept to 1 page and some have said no more than 3.  Sometimes you are unable to keep it condensed and discuss the accomplishments.   To view my resume just click here.

As you may know me by reputation and by reading my blogs on LinkedIn you may already know that I am seeking a new position.  I have built several collection agencies and a collection law firm. Several from the ground up.

What I have done for them, I can do for you.  The idea is to make money, actually more money.   In 3 ½  years I took a collection law firm from having no clients or inventory to developing a firm that had $41B in receivables and generating $3m in fee revenue per month.   I deal direct with C-level and go to the decision maker.  Having been to most of the major conferences I have had the opportunity to meet many.

I built the LinkedIn Credit and Collections group along with 9 other industry related groups from zero to  over 40,000 members before I passed the reigns to someone else.

One of the firms that I was with was seeking out a new health insurance plan. I took over that function and researched the best companies and the the best coverage and handled the negotiations.  I found a new company and negotiated a plan that saved the company over $10,000.00 per month in monthly premium.

While you may not have a position or did not anticipate the need, many companies are seeking to grow.  I can help you.  If you want the job done and done right then you need to be calling me.  My number is 954-290-6976 and I am willing to relocate for the right position.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor


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