Skiptracing, Discounts, and Close Fees


Recently I have been asked to discount my fees for volume. That remains a possibility and that would depend on volume.  I have also been asked to eliminate close fees due to the fact that other investigators do not charge them.

What many clients do not understand is that skiptracing takes time, and money. Skiptracing is research intensive. There are times when you can find someone in 10 minutes and others will take several hours and even days. Some people can’t be found at all as they are very well versed in hiding. We have found that a great many people do not have jobs.

The profit margin in skiptracing is very small. The close fees do not cover time or expenses, but might help to offset some.  Our regular fees are not outrageous as many other companies charge similar or a lot more. The companies that are charging a lot more are outsourcing to the specialists and they incur no costs.

When you go to take a trip airlines have their prices, theaters have theirs, doctors, dentists, lawyers. They all work for their fees.  Please don’t complain when and investigator wants to get paid.  If I use the services of another investigator and the have a specialty that I do not, they get paid.  I do not know the first thing about accident re-creation, so if I need that I will pay for it.  Other investigators will use my company because we are experts.

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