Entering a New Year



It is 3 days before the new year and many of you no doubt have made plans to bring in the new year.  You will be with friends, family, even co-workers.

What are your plans for your business.  Perhaps you will be expanding your business and you are looking for the right person. If you have a position in South Florida post it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthFloridaJobHunters/.

A lot of companies are getting new talent right from there. Maybe you want someone that can shape your company into what you want.  Sometimes it is best to hire from the outside.  Reach out to me as I have a great network of many talented people including myself.  My personal resume can be found here.

Perhaps you would like to expand your skiptracing especially if you are a law firm or collection agency.  Great news Skiptrace Consultants, Inc can now handle volume accounts.  Just ask for our volume spreadsheet and it will be sent over to you.  Perhaps you just need employment information. Consider it done and verified.

What about marketing your business, we can help. Check out the menu of services. 

What ever your needs we can help. Please do not hesitate to call at 954-722-0473.


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