A New Year A New Career Opportunity

As we are approaching a new year how many companies are seeking to expand?  Who is hiring?

What do you seek in a new hire? Are you seeking experienced individuals or recent college grads.  Are you seeking someone that is able to travel   50% – 75% of the time or someone that is unable to travel?

I would like to pose a question to the forum:  Is it customary these days to do a phone interview and perhaps build someone’s hopes up about an opportunity and then just avoid contacting them again?

Having discussed several opportunities some of which would require relocation  and have been open to, I have not heard back from.  I have reached out via email, phone, text message and have never heard back. Is this becoming the norm?

When I go for an interview I show up wearing a suit and tie, and in recent years I have seen people show up in blue jeans and t-shirts.  Maybe I am from a different generation, but I do believe in making a good impression with a potential employer.

For those of you that have not reviewed my resume  please do so. I am able to travel extensively, and I connect only with C- level management. I am also able to relocate.  I will look forward to hearing from you.


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