Skiptracing: A dying industry?


Over the last several months I am finding that companies would rather rely on the electronics as opposed to verified research.  What is the problem?

Perhaps you have a high balance account that you are unable to find, or you are an investigator that specializes in accident reconstruction, or surveillance. Maybe your a bounty hunter and unable to find the individual that you posted bond for.  What do you all do? While that are many fine data providers out there they are simply a tool.  Verification is still the key.

It is time that you take notice.  Perhaps you are the collection agency that has 1.5 million accounts sitting in a skip queue that are all in statute.  That could add up to a lot of money that you can recover.   Maybe your the company that would benefit from a full time investigator on your staff.

Either way Skiptrace Consultants, Inc is able to help.  Look at the link provided.   We have even made case submission easier.  Maybe you need a a POE search. We can help you with that.

As always if we can assist you please call 954-722-0473.


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