Salary vs. Commission

Over the last several months while seeking a new position I have gone on many interviews, both in person and on the phone.

Some of the in person interviews were more or less scams that offered minimum wage plus a commission to upgrade the unsuspecting consumer. I know I am over qualified for that.

I know the owner of a collection agency in Hollywood, FL and he had obtained my resume and sent it over to his HR person. She called me and said that based on my resume they would like to have me come for an interview. They had an incredible opportunity for me. I asked what it was only because it is 40 miles one way from where I live.
She said that I would get paid a great starting salary and commission. Again I asked about the position. She finally told me that it was for a debt collector and it would pay $320.00 per week plus commission.
It was obvious that she had not read my resume. I have not made a debt collection call since 1986, but have been in business development. They are also collecting on Payday Loan accounts, that were purchased and are nine years old. Basically noncollectable. It would have been a 90 mile round trip for $8.00 per hour. I did not need to be insulted.

No less than 5 collection commercial collection agencies and a consumer law firm have offered me the opportunity to come and work for them for FREE. Basically I can put in all the effort and have to wait for an account to pay before I get paid a percentage.

I am a workaholic. I love to work, and go meet the people. Perhaps I am a bit old school that still believes that the face to face meeting will close the deal, but that has always worked for me, but again I do not wish to work for free. Am I being too unreasonable not wanting to work for FREE. I can refer people to collection agencies all day and maybe I will receive some benefit.

I am able to travel, relocate if necessary and if you really want someone that has excellent knowledge, that will be loyal to you and not be looking elsewhere then here I am. My resume is at
My LinkedIn profile can be viewed at and if you want to see more then visit

Your job right now is to review my qualifications and then call me at 954-290-6976, send me an email with your proposal, but please remember No One wants to work for FREE.


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