New Developments with Skiptrace Consultants.


A I have been blogging for a number of years I have recently noticed that more and more people are coming and reading my recent and previous blogs.  Your comments would always be welcomed.

We have recently added some new additions to our main website at Skiptrace Consultants.

What we have added is a new attorney directory site to be marketed to the general population as many people do not know how to find an attorney. Attorneys advertise for a one time fee of $275.00.  We have also added a new Process Server Directory..

We have also been busy doing some web design for a variety of different people and companies.

The POE Locator has been extremely busy finding new places of employment.

Is your company still getting complaints?

Are you seeking to promote your company? Check out

Are you looking for an agency to place your portfolios with? We can help.

Credit and Collections Vendor Recommendations is still only $75.00 and getting at minimum of 1000 hits per month.

Do you want to do some skiptracing on your own? The Skiptracers Toolbox is still a great game in town.

With compliance being very big, we still recommend that you have and outside compliance auditor come in and review your accounts. It is a lot better and financially more economical, than to have the CFPB visiting your office.,

Have you visited our Facebook Page? Please visit and “Like” us.

Our twitter is @skipconsult.

Our Google Plus Page :

As always for any questions please call us at 954-722-0473.


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