Paying for Expertise

Do you get paid for your expertise?

If I go to a doctor, I need to pay them.  If I go to a lawyer I need to pay them.  It seems that I pay a lot of people for their expertise.  Many times over I have been called an expert in the collection space and the skiptrace space.  Having been in the industry does make me somewhat of an expert.

Clients want quality information, but feel that I should invest my time and money for free and provide results within 24 hours from the time they send the case to me. Then they want the information for free.  We are not a non-profit.

For those of you that do not realize it skiptracing is an art. Not just anyone can do it. It takes talent and skill that is developed over many years. Just because there are electronic mediums and while they are quite good, nothing beats the verification process. Having someone that can verify the data is far more important. One actually compliments the other.

When Skiptrace Consultants, Inc was developed it was to provide a need to the industry as a training tool. Training others how to skiptrace properly without breaking the law. It has become much more.

We have evolved into doing training, skiptracing, marketing and consulting for a number of different companies.

I urge you to take a look at our website Skiptrace Consultants and see what else we are doing.

In fact here are the rest of our websites for you to review:

Consulting Assignments

When you call the companies we do consulting for please tell them that you heard about them from us.


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