Merchant Card Processing

APS LogoThrough my years of working and blogging in the collection industry, I’ve occasionally come across vendors that provide such great service to collection agencies and collection law firms that I have to share them with my friends.
Advanced Payment Systems is just such a service provider and here’s why:
1. APS has served the collection industry for over 10 years. Its agents are familiar with agency operational and compliance needs and many are FDCPA certified. They make it easy for you to accept all types of payments – credit cards, debit cards, checks, ACH transactions and even HSA cards.
2. APS has relationships with reliable acquiring banks that are committed to the industry and won’t drop merchant accounts just because the primary business is debt collection. They offer continuity as your payment processing partner and one less thing for you to worry about.
3. APS provides excellent customer service. Just make one phone call for all issues, whether you have a statement problem, a charge back or a technical issue with the portal. Plus, they’re available after hours and on Saturdays.
4. APS is fully integrated with over a dozen software platforms and is adding more regularly. Entering payment information right into your collection software platform makes your transactions more secure, saves time on each call and reduces input errors. Plus, approvals or declines are immediate so your collectors can address any problems while the debtor is still on the call.
5. APS has the lowest rates in the industry. They offer a custom solution and price based on your actual transaction mix and needs after a thorough analysis. They don’t add any surprise charges for non-conforming transactions because they already know what to expect from your payment processing and have included it in your rate.
If you’d like to know more about Advanced Payment Systems’ payment processing options, send me an email at a special email address that has been set up: and I’ll put you directly in touch with an APS collection agency specialist.
Steve Taylor
Skiptrace Consultants, Inc.


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