Back to the Grind

Well now that the holidays have come and gone, It is time to get down to business.  The government has said that unemployment is down.  I know that for myself and many others it is still up.  I urge you to now look at what your staffing needs are. What direction is your company going in.  Currently I am still seeking that salaried position that I know is out there. I am willing to relocate for the right position. My resume can be viewed at  Your company needs the talent and I am the one to provide it.

The skiptrace business is still up and running, but many of you feel that the electronics are better.  The electronics still cannot provide you with verified information.  The electronics are tools and while many of them are great tools, you must still consider what you really need. VERIFIED INFORMATION.  Check out

Have you visited lately. Still getting 1000 hits per week and still the best place to market your business for $75.00 per year.  Don’t forget The POE Locator, still the best game in the industry for excellent verified POE data.


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