Please Read : Collections & a Sense of Urgency-911

Good morning,

I would like to take the time to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Over the years in the collection industry nothing is more urgent than END of MONTH. Then when the new month begins the client only wants to know what are you going to do this month and project for the next 3 months. What you did last month no longer matters. If your collections are not right on the money then the client goes elsewhere.

My projection for the coming year is that things will improve and get better. There will be more jobs and more people will be getting hired. I predict that more people will be reading my resume at and calling me to offer me a position. Remember I am also willing to relocate.

As many of you are aware I am still receiving calls and emails for advice and assistance and of course I do this because it give me pleasure. I tend to enjoy helping people.

Last week a very close friend named Andrew called me and asked me how to rally the troops to help someone that is down on his luck. I suggested to him to put something together that can be shared. This has been shared on Facebook, Google Plus and now I am sharing it on LinkedIn.
I have never asked anyone to do something, but I am asking now.
Please take a moment to read the link that I am providing and if you can help by donating 10 or 20 dollars and help someone as well as share this link with those that you know, it would be a big help and very much appreciated.

I asked Andrew who the friend was and he told me that it was private and his friend is embarrassed by this situation. I understood and hope that you will too.


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