Skiptracing. What is it?

Over the years I have noticed that many people do not know what skiptracing is or what is involved. When a person disappears without a trace, they are called a skip. Certainly not illegal to do. Tracing them down and locating them is another story, thus the term skiptracing.

Skiptracing is an art. It is locating people mostly for the purpose of debt collection, or wage garnishment. However those are not the only purposes. Sometimes it may be as simple as needing a signature on a deed, or mortgage note. They may also have money coming to them. There are adoptions, reunions, and even finding your best friend from WWII.

All of these purposes and more are all part of skiptracing. This is not a just a database search. It is time consuming research to locate individuals that may not want to be found. While databases are great and there are some very fine ones out there, you need to be cognizant of the fact that the data may not always be accurate.
It takes a skilled investigator time to VERIFY the data and to be able to put it all into a report for the client.

Time is money and there are cost factors with everything. While we do not offer a free service in most instances we are less expensive than some of the competition out there and perhaps more expensive that others. What we guarantee is that the data you receive from us is VERIFIED and VALID at the time we provide it to you. We do not guarantee that the information will remain the same in 90 days. A lot could happen during that time.

We do provide new addresses if any, phones, jobs. We also find out if they are dead or in jail. This is all information that helps you plan your next step.

I urge you to look at our website: and judge for yourself.


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