Vendor Testing

I would like to know what the standard operating procedure is for a vendor to be tested. I have spoken recently with several companies and they would like to test my company. To me that is fine, but they would like to give us 100 cases for example to be worked at no charge.
Now I have done that in the past only to be told that they found someone for less money.
We do our work manually as everything has to be verbally verified.
The databases are a great tool and they do help, but the information does need to be verified.
There is a cost factor involved and time as well. Any ideas how to approach this?

While I do not want to lose a potential client, I also don’t want to be losing money either.


One thought on “Vendor Testing

  1. I think 100 free ones is a bit too much…however if this client is going to be handling you big business on a constant basis I would do the work to try to land him. If he goes somewhere else for less money he isn’t going to get the quality of the skip that your company provides and the free 100 skips will show convince him of that.

    They have in their mind 100 accounts as a benchmark….which is doable. Thank goodness it isn’t 1000! I think they plan on scoring your quality of work from 1-100…which is why they derived at that number and in my mind you definitely risk losing the client if you try to renegotiate that number.

    Results speak louder than words.

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