Updated News from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

Good morning,
I do hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.
I have published a new updated resume at http://sbtresume.weebly.com. I trimmed it from 3 pages to 1/12 and it is a lot cleaner. I do hope that someone calls. I am seeking a SALARIED position.
We are up to 38,824 members and reaching the 40,000 mark here in this group alone.
I have created a new group called Credit and Collection Jobs. This will enable you to post new jobs in the discussion field where people can view them very easily. As you will not on that site I have removed the job tab. Here is the link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=6693084&trk=my_groups-tile-grp
Stop The Complaints is going strong having signed up 15 companies in a short period of time.
Do you often wonder how companies get their data? Most of it comes from various electronic data providers. They are all fine companies with their attributes. The key however, is VERIFICATION. How do your skiptracers do the verification? The key is skiptrace training. With the proper training you can double or triple your monthly revenue. Your people must know how to read and interpret credit reports, and public record reports whether is is from Clear, MicroBilt, Trans Union/TLO, Accurint/Lexis Nexis. A lot of those can be very confusing.
The Skiptrace Trainers can help. The have traveled nationwide training large and small companies how to skiptrace properly and within the law. You can view them at http://theskiptracetrainers.weebly.com
We have done it again. Companies are getting business from our promo site. Check out the testimonial letters. We have gotten a 2nd testimonial letter at http://creditandcollectionspromo.weebly.com/testimonial-letter–2.html
Some helpful websites:

The Compliance Auditors – Keep the CFPB, AG’s, and the BBB off your backs: http://thecomplianceauditors.weebly.com/

Credit and Collections Promo: http://creditandcollectionspromo.weebly.com/

The Skiptracers Toolbox -http://theskiptracerstoolbox.weebly.com/

Credit and Collections Vendor Recommendations still only $75.00 for the year. http://creditandcollectionsvendorrecommendations.weebly.com/

The POE Locator – http://thepoelocator.weebly.com

The Debt Collection Connection – http://thedebtcollectionconnection.weebly.com/

Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at https://skiptraceconsultant.wordpress.com/

Facebook Credit and Collections Group
Formalite – They help you streamline the licensing procedure:

Microbilt: Great for Batch POE skiptracing, phones and other searches. Check out their collection suite: http://bit.ly/18VSYgQ

RCH Companies for all of your collection field calls: http://www.rchcompanies.net/linkedin-05-2014/
As always if we can help please call 954-722-0473.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder

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