Hot News from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

We are up to 38,528 members and growing strong. Just shy of 200 for the week.
Another new highlighted company. We must be doing something right.
Each week as you know I am the first one here to help someone. I am seeking your help now. I am seeking a salaried position preferably in the business development arena. I deal with C-Level only. To this day my former employer does not know how he sat in the office of the SVP of Chase credit card collections, or the SVP or Wachovia credit card collections and auto collections. There were a host of others. My resume can bee seen at :
Have you visited the RCH website? They are a company that can assist you in the recovery of more dollars by sending out their field representatives. Check them out at:
Are you in need of POE Locates? The POE Locator can help.
Visit them at
Have you connected with us on Twitter:
Some of our favorite links:
Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at

Facebook Credit and Collections Group
As always if we can help you please call 954-722-0473.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Founder/Manager


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