News Flash from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

We are up to 38,344 members. Please forgive my typo from last week.
If any of you have seen in the past few days then you know that there is another white paper based on credit risk analysis and is free to download.
Credit risk management best practice is transforming radically. Looking beyond compliance, financial services institutions are using this transition to adopt new analytics functions to dramatically boost returns.

Recently, we have spoken with over fifty industry experts to get their position on how to take advantage of this evolving trend.

Access our 15 page industry report free of charge right here –>

This industry report provides unrivalled access to credit risk insight, including how to:

• Seize the moment to sharpen skillsets: fulfilling regulatory requirements is a must, but why not considerably boost profitability as you reconstruct your platform
• Master the implementation process: access critical insight on how to overcome challenges as you establish brand new capabilities across your business
• Dig deep in to data and get to know your customer: vast amounts of data is a huge value yet challenging to deal with, look at how to best manage data
• Get to know game-changing analytics: the future is upon us, get up-to-the-minute insight on cutting-edge analytics

I hope this report is useful as you continue to employ new credit risk analytics tactics.

All the best,
Marsha Irving
Head of Credit Risk Analytics
FC Business Intelligence
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 422 4353
US (Toll Free): 1800 814 3459 ext 4353
I would also like to welcome RCH to
RCH –the Field Collections Experts!

Exceeding customer expectations and delivering results in the field collections space is what RCH does best. RCH is on the frontline, meeting with customers in person at their residence, when they are home. They collect debt or retrieve assets in a professional manner, with customer service as their top priority.

If bad numbers or ‘no answers’ are negatively impacting your outbound calling efforts, or if your current field collections program can use a lift, it may be time to partner with RCH. RCH will make face-to-face contact with consumers and collect debt or outstanding assets … ultimately delivering incremental results for you!

With operations and infrastructure in over 150 markets across the US and Puerto Rico, RCH can ensure speed to market and scale. During their first 35 years RCH became the largest field collections and asset retrieval vendor for the cable TV industry. In the past few years, they have emerged into several new industries and now represent many Fortune 500 companies.

If you’d like to generate incremental collections results and have the volume to support a field collection component, contact Caterina today to discuss a turnkey trial program that will demonstrate their capabilities: 843.566.3986 or
Have you heard that Creditors Recovery Group, LLC (CRG) has been cleaning up month after month with new clients coming on board. No matter what type of business you are in they can help.
Check them out at
Some of our favorite links:
Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at

Facebook Credit and Collections Group


Creditors Recovery Group is taking on more placements.
If we can help please call 954-722-0473.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder

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