Training Seminar from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

Good Morning,
We are up to 37,566 members and still going strong.

I would like to share with you information about an upcoming collection training seminar. More information can be seen at This site offers great exposure to over 50,000.
I am pleased to introduce to you the trainer of the best ever Debts Training program in The Middle East, with 20 years of practical hands-on experience in Retail Banking with four major banks in Saudi Arabia; and he is also one of the valued members of the Credit & Collection group on linkedin; Abdulrahman Abukhalid, a Saudi national with a doctorate degree, who runs his own firm, The Giant for Training & Consulting, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Abdulrahman’s Debts Collection training program is based on real-world practical experience; it is designed to train your collection agents to effectively collect from customers of all types and segments.
This training program is practical, professionally reviewed, educationally sound, and verified by some of the greatest debt collectors in the Saudi market. Although it is intensive, yet it is simplified and packed with real skills, knowledge, strategies, tactics, process and techniques, best-practices, and psychological emphasis. It is also reinforced with core-values, and covers the legal, regulatory, compliance guidelines, code of conduct, and the consumer rights.
For reference, some of the most recent clients that Abdulrahman has successfully trained are The National Commercial Bank (NCB), Bank Aljazira (BAJ), AQSAT Int’l Auto Leasing & Financing Co. (owned by Naghi Motors Group), ALYUSR Auto Leasing Co., The Chambers of Commerce, and over 120 other organizations in Saudi Arabia, and with many more clients in the pipeline!
This Debts Collection training program is a proven and results-oriented in Saudi Arabia!
Although this training program is currently being offered in Saudi Arabia only, yet Dr. Abdulrahman is able and willing to expand and roll-out his Debts Collection training program as in-house training for banks and large financial organizations in any country in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa), be it in English and/or Arabic language, as he is very fluent in both languages.
Dr. Abdulrahman resides in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, so you may call him directly on his mobile cell-phone 00966-55555-1969 or you may write to him an e-mail at: to discuss how he can add-value to your organization.
When it comes to POE’s and you only have a small volume the The POE Locator is your only resource…..
Creditors Recovery Group, LLC (CRG) has its own website and you should check it out. CRG also has a separate skiptrace department with licensed investigators from Skiptrace Consultants, Inc.
Collectors are on the phones hammering away and collecting money. Skiptrace Consultants is locating the debtors.

Are you aware we have a Facebook page? Please like us there . We have also set up a LinkedIn page and a Twitter . @CRGFlorida. Please follow us as we grow.

The CRG phone number is 561-200-6220.
Don’t forget that Credit and Collection Vendor Recommendations is still only $75.00 per year. Here is the link

The Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at

Are you a member of the Credit and Collections group on Facebook?

Thank you,

Steve Taylor

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