Serious News from the LinkedIn Credit and Collection Group

Good morning,
We are up to 37,128 members.

Last week several member of this group that have never contributed were up in arms about the quote sales pitches. They were also upset that I take my groups seriously to be involved rather than sit on the sidelines.
I have no problem helping someone get the word out about their service, products, etc. Remember I have been doing this for years for FREE. I do not get paid, nor will I allow anyone to dictate me the content of my emails.
I have arranged discounts for this group through many vendors. Please appreciate that. If they can help you great then use them, if not maybe in the future.
Several people this week have come to me and asked me to let them send an email blast. Not happening. If you want to promote your trade show, seminar, whitepaper, training opportunity that is fine. It will now cost you $250.00US plus the fee that PayPal charges. If you need multiple times I will give you a 10% discount.

If it is a product and is ongoing I will work with a revenue share agreement on top of the $250.00US

I have arranged for a 50% discount on videos made. Video is the way to go. Please visit my video at and if you are interested in one of your own then visit Their normal fee is $995.00 and they will do it for $495.00.

FormaLite- This is a company that can help you streamline the collection agency licensing process nationwide. They have offered 10% off to members of this group. I am providing a link.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation would be very pleased to have the opportunity to serve the members of “Credit and Collections”. We provide certified translation services for all the major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. We translate documents in various fields such as finance, law, business, technology, medicine, and education. All documents can be scanned and emailed to Please visit to learn more about us and our services. Please mention “Credit and Collections” in the subject line of your email and get 10% OFF your first order. Special offer ends April 30, 2014. We look forward to hearing from you!

Creditors Recovery Group, LLC (CRG) has its own website and you should check it out. CRG also has a separate skiptrace department with licensed investigators from Skiptrace Consultants, Inc.
Collectors are on the phones hammering away and collecting money. Skiptrace Consultants is locating the debtors.

Are you aware we have a Facebook page? Please like us there . We have also set up a LinkedIn page and a Twitter @CRGFlorida. Please follow us as we grow.
The CRG phone number is 561-200-6220. The email address is creditorsrecoverygroupllc@gmail.
We have a state of the art collection software package (CollectionsMax), phone system and all calls are recorded.

When it comes to POE’s and you only have a small volume the The POE Locator is your only resource…..

Are you seeking to place accounts and do not what agency to use? CRG can help. htp://

Have you seen our Facebook page:

The Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at Please make comments on it.

Are you a member of the Credit and Collections group on Facebook?

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager / Founder



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