What Do I Do?

Good afternoon,
Recently I have been flooded with calls and questions from people to ask me what I do. To answer that question I am the President of Skiptrace Consultants, Inc which is a licensed private investigation company that specializes in skiptracing and POE (Place of Employment) searches. I also have a position with Creditors Recovery Group, LLC. This company specializes in the collection of bad debt.

I also manage this and 10 other LinkedIn groups and try to help others. As many of you are aware I have managed to get all of you a discount on videos that are produced for your company. I hope that many of you have taken advantage of that as it has helped me generate a lot of new business.

I have recently come across a company that can help you streamline the licensing process for your collection agency. They also provide Collection Agency Bonding, License Renewals, Registered Agent Services. The name of this company is called FORMALITE and they have kindly offered any member of this group and the others that I am a part of a 10% discount on their services. Remember licensing can be a hassle and a very tedious job. They take that all away and handle it for you. Also they are less expensive than other companies that are out there.
The have provided me a link for your convenience : http://www.formaliteinc.com/quote-vendorrec,
so I am urging you to look at it and judge for yourself.


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