Highlights from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

Good Morning

I do hope that you all had a good holiday weekend. We are now up to 35,059 members.  

 As many of you have seen I have updated  mad of making a lot of money y profile and have decided that instead  of trying to  money for others, it is now time make some for myself.  

Creditors Recovery Group, LLC is now accepting placements and will sen out agreements as soon as you call 954-722-0473. Our phones are ringing off the hook. If you need to reach us via email please send an email to steve.taylor@creditorsrecoverygroup.com
We are also hiring collectors that are local to the area of Boynton Beach, FL.
Have you seen our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/CreditorsRecoveryGroupLLC


Jeffrey Hartman, of Fitzgerald Debt Aquisitions, LLC has put his candidacy out there as running for a seat on the board of the DBA. I have known Mr. Hartman for the last several years. I have even enjoyed having a meal with him when his office was 5 minutes from mine. I have found him to be an honorable man with a great deal of integrity. I am putting out my personal endorsement for him to be sitting on the DBA board.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

“We continue to be impressed by the “Sweet” Collections Suite available over at MicroBilt. The package offers POE and Verified POE, Enhanced People Search and Verified Bank Locator for the best recovery rates you’ll find. Give them a look at http://bit.ly/18VSYgQ

Gini Debt Collection is a commercial agency located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, NY. This is your east coast commercial agency. A direct link to their page is :http://ginidebtcollection.com/gini/&#8230. The owner is a hands on type of individual that will answer the phone when you call. Give a call to Mr. Nathan today. You will not be disappointed.

Have you got your west coast agency in place. This is your commercial agency for the west coast. The Kaplan Group (TKG)
http://www.kaplancollectionagency.com/ccap. Ask for Dean Kaplan.

When it comes to POE’s and you only have a small volume the The POE Locator is your only resource…..http://thepoelocator.weebly.com

Do you need help with getting those Non pubs or cell numbers? Check The Skiptracers Toolbox http://rzdinvestigativegroupinc.weebly.com/

Debt-buyers: do you want to stay in compliance? Are the agencies that you are outsourcing to being audited? Are you doing it? Perhaps you should consider having a third party review the accounts. If so then you need to be visiting The Compliance Auditors. http://thecomplianceauditors.weebly.com

Collection Agencies and Law firms: Are your collectors lacking in their abilities to get in touch with the debtor. Do they know how to do a proper search? Can they read a credit report? Do they understand the information? Their are a number of data providers out there. Can they read those reports? If you have answered no then you need to visit The Skiptrace Trainers http://theskiptracetrainers.weebly.com.

Are you seeking to place accounts and do not what agency to use? The Debt Collection can help you. http://thedebtcollectionconnection.weebly.com/

Have you seen our Facebook page:


The Skiptrace Consultants Blog is at https://skiptraceconsultant.wordpress.com/

Are you a member of the Credit and Collections group on Facebook?


If you are going to post something in this group, please post it in English as the majority of the people in this group do speak it. If you post in your in your native language then we do not get the benefit of your post.


Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager / Founder


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