News Flash from the LinkedIn Credit and Collection Group

Good morning,

We are now up to 31,866 members.

Many of you have sent me emails asking what happened to RZD Investigative Group, Inc. Well that has evolved to become Skiptrace Consultants, Inc.
Same principals, but a new and fresh look.

Some of our affiliations include:

The POE Locator :
RZD Background Searches:
Vendor Recommendations: still averaging 1000 hits per week.
The Skiptracers Toolbox:
The Compliance Auditors :
Skiptrace Training:
Helping Hands:

As many of you know I am still seeking a full time position. Relocation is possible at this point. My resume can be viewed at

Now that I have had my say. I would like to hear what you would like to see here.

If you have promotions in your company, job openings, seminars that you would like to see. What type of discussions? This is your group as well.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Founder/Manager


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