Credit and Collections Update and News

Good Morning,

We are up to 31,301 members and still growing.

Due to a business decision I am no longer with Microbilt Corporation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure with them and encourage everyone to continue working with them as they are still a very fine company.

In the meantime Skiptrace Consultants will be doing it’s skiptrace training nationwide. We train within the FDCPA guidelines and GLB compliant.
If you are interest in that, then please an email to or call at 954-722-0473.

As you all know I will help anyone that is in need. While I do attempt to keep my personal life out of this forum I am now asking for some help. This is something that I have never asked anyone for and I am quite embarrassed.
I will ask you to please look at this website and if you are so inclined to assist that would be appreciated.

New companies are coming to the Credit and Collection Vendor Recommendation site on a weekly basis. It is still only $75.00 per year to sign up for the additional exposure. Still getting an average of 1000 hits on the site per week.
All you need to do is send an email to along with your logo in JPEG and a write up of your company and pay $75.00 on the site and you will be posted within 24 hours. Can you use the exposure? I think so.

Do not forget that there is now a Credit and Collections Group on Facebook. Here is the link for you to join
Don’t forget to subscribe to the SkiptraceConsultants Blog:
Looking for Non Pubs? Go to . A subscription of 23.70 for 6 months is required. It has helped me many times in my own endeavors.

Are you using Twitter? Would you like to follow us on Twitter? Our Twitter is Skipconsult.

If we can help please call 954-722-0473.

Thank you,
Steve Taylor
Group Manager/ Founder


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