Updated News from Credit and Collections

Good Morning,

We are up to 28,266 members.

Many people think that this is my personal forum, but actually it is open for anyone. Last week as i was sitting here in my office I received a call from Mr. James Reilly a Senior VP at TLO. We had a most enjoyable discussion and he was requesting my permission to post something about TLO. Without a doubt I would open the floor to him. I look forward to his continued participation in this group along with many others.

The only thing that will not fly is if you make personal attacks at people or companies. It will be deleted as it is uncalled for.

I have posted a survey and it would be appreciated if you would take it. It does ask for your company contact information. If you choose not to put it in that is fine, but please have enough respect to not put garbage in there instead. It does record your IP address and because I am still an incredible skiptracer I can find you. Here is the survey link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/83ZNKT3
It is about the selection of data partners.

Do not forget that you can still get in on the April special for VERIFIED BANKING information for $25.00 per hit. http://www.microbilt.com/bank-account-search.aspx
Call Missy or Jackye at 800-884-4747 and mention the LinkedIn offer.
New companies are coming to the Credit and Collection Vendor Recommendation site on a weekly basis. It is still only $75.00 per year to sign up for the additional exposure. Still getting an average of 1000 hits on the site per week.
All you need to do is send an email to vendorrecommendations@gmail.com along with your logo in JPEG and a write up of your company and pay $75.00 on the site and you will be posted within 24 hours. Can you use the exposure? I think so.
Have you visited The Compliance Auditors? They will send experienced auditors out to the companies that the debt-buyers outsource to to ensure FDCPA compliance. Check out http://thecomplianceauditors.weebly.com/
Are you currently using a collection software company? Do you want to make your life easier and have it integrated with the number one provider of skiptrace data in the industry. If you want the integration then send an email to steve_taylor@microbilt.com and let us work towards making that happen.
As you know we have brought on 2 companies to partner up with Microbilt.
They are CollectionsMax http://www.collectionsmax.com and EZ Collect
Gradually they will be integrating with us and we would like more companies to integrate with us as well. If you are a software vendor and would like to integrate with MicroBilt, then please send an email to steve_taylor@microbilt.com.
Do not forget that there is now a Credit and Collections Group on Facebook. Here is the link for you to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/6719126407/?bookmark_t=group
There are times that we will need to send an email to you individually instead of collectively. Please go to http://linkedincreditandcollections.weebly.com and provide us with your contact information.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the SkiptraceConsultants Blog:

Thank you and of course if we can help you please call 954-722-0473
Thank you,
Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder


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