Updated Information from the LinkedIn Credit and Collection Group

Good morning,

We are up to 25,612 members and still growing. Close to 1000 new members per month.

As you can see I have recently been posting some new and interesting things in the discussion group and they are thought provoking and I can see some people posting that normally do not participate. I am real happy to see the juices flowing.

There are a lot of new things happening in the collections world.

Have you seen the press release that I posted last week about the Genesis Initiative? If not I will share it with you again. http://www.microbilt.com/microbilts-genesis-initiative-reimagines-business-data.aspx

Have you thought about POE searches for your company? I have discussed with the powers that be over at MicroBilt and they will continue to offer all new customers 25% off on the Spot POE.

Do you need VERIFIED POE’S? Microbilt is the only company that offers them at $35.00 per verified POE. No one else can do that for you.

Do you need credit reports, enhanced people searches for .25 cents?

Send your contact information to steve_taylor@microbilt.com or call me at 770-218-4400 Ext 4705.

Have you seen our new group for Professional Collection Attorneys here on LinkedIn? If not join up and let’s make it happen.

There are times that we will need to send an email to you individually instead of collectively. Please go to http://linkedincreditandcollections.weebly.com and provide us with your contact information.

Have you taken out your page on the Credit and Collections Vendor Recommendations site yet? Remember the price has gone up to $75.00 for a full year of constant exposure and we are still averaging over 1000 hits per week.

Please check out The Compliance Auditors. This company has been designed with the debt buyer in mind. They have already set up a series of appointments on behalf of debt buyers looking to audit their files that are being worked by collection agencies.

Do not forget that there is now a Credit and Collections Group on Facebook. Here is the link for you to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/6719126407/?bookmark_t=group

Have you visited the Credit and Collections Forum? Here is the link http://creditandcollections.proboards.com

Things with the Debt Collection Connection are really hopping between the debt buyers and the collection agencies that have had business placed with them. If you have contingency paper that you would like to place, please visit us at http://thedebtcollectionconnection.weebly.com

Are you in need of non-published phones or cell numbers?Check out The Skiptracer’s Toolbox at http://rzdinvestigativegroupinc.weebly.com/

Do you need to outsource your skips or POE searches?
Please visit: http://thepoelocator.weebly.com/

Have you visited the SkiptraceConsultants Blog. It’s time you did.

Thank you and of course if we can help you please call 954-722-0473

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder

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