Updates from the LinkedIn Credit and Collections Group

Good morning,

We are up to 22,609 members and still growing.

To begin with I am seeking new employment. I do require a salary, and benefits. I have gotten numerous calls from companies wanting me to be an independent contractor and that is not an option.
Relocation is an option depending on the opportunity. My resume is located at http://sbtresume.weebly.com.

I am still with No More Complaints as well. I am an independent contractor for them.

Things with the Debt Collection Connection are really hopping between the debt buyers and the collection agencies that have had business placed with them. If you have contingency paper that you would like to place, please visit us at http://thedebtcollectionconnection.weebly.com

Are you in need of non-published phones or cell numbers? As a diehard skiptracer I know how frustrating that can be. Spokeo is still the least expensive way to do it. Is it a guarantee each time, of course it is not. You need to VERIFY it like everything else.
Please visit http://rzdinvestigativegroupinc.weebly.com.

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Credit and Collections Vendor Recommendations Page. It is Cforia. They are software company that provides Accounts Receivable Automation the the industry.
Remember you should get on board for that extra exposure while prices remain at $49.95 until the end of the year.
Please visit http://creditandcollectionsvendorrecommendations.weebly.com/index.html

Do you need to outsource your skips or POE searches?
Please visit: http://thepoelocator.weebly.com/

Would you like to join our mailing list?
We are in the process of building that at this moment and would welcome everyone on board.
Please visit http://linkedincreditandcollections.weebly.com/

Please link in with us as well. The more contacts we have the stronger we become.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page

Are you using Twitter? Would you like to follow us on Twitter? Our Twitter is Skipconsult.

Please subscribe to our blog and feel free to participate.

Thank you and of course if we can help you please call 954-722-0473

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder


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