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We are up to 19051 members.

An interesting situation happened this week and I feel it is worth sharing with you.
I created another website this week and it is for the product Spokeo. Please understand that I do not make any money off of what I do with the LinkedIn group, but I do have a love for the industry and helping people in the business. I found a tool that can help all of us. Many of you will ask how.
Do you realize that historical information can help you find the current information? I have already made over $1000.00 this week just using historical data.
How many times have you Googled someone or on has it led you to Spokeo and you get a partial address or phone number. I know it happens to me quite often. Well for that 23.70 investment for 6 months I get a full phone number and guess what I have been lucky with each one. Seems like a worthwhile investment to me. Am I going to sit here and tell you that it will be a hit each time NOT AT ALL. This is only a tool and the information still needs to be VERIFIED. It is the same with all of the other databases that we use that provide us with RAW DATA. IT MUST BE VERIFIED.

Again I do this because I have been in the industry 32 years and I love it. Also the exposure on a weekly basis is not too bad either.

Do not forget it is still $49.95 per year to get the additional exposure. We are still averaging 1000 hits per week, so this equates to a no brainer and you should all be signing up for the additional exposure.

Have you been considering setting up a skip unit in your collection department? Do you need to know how to do it. Does your team need training? Check out the top skiptrace trainer in the industry.
Understand that they come to you. It is not over the phone or a webinar, that everyone can sleep to, but in person. Best way to do it.

Has anyone gotten any job interviews from this group? I will share that I have,so keep posting the jobs and the resumes.
My resume is still at

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Thank you and of course if we can help you please call 954-722-0473

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder


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