No Hit-No Fee Skiptracing/POE searches

On a daily basis the phone will ring. How much do you charge for skiptracing or for a POE search? Our fees are $125/$25 for a POE search and $195/$35 for a full skiptrace. Other cases are on a case by case situation.

Why is there a no hit fee? There really is not. Those are processing fees as their are things that happen behind the scenes.
We have resources that we need to pay money too for accurate information. During the course of a POE search we pay for accurate information. That is $25.00 regardless of a job or no job.
If there is a job then you get it and it will be verified. These things take time to do. There is no guarantee that it will be full or part time. There is no guarantee that it will be garnishable. Many folks work under the table. We guarantee to find an on the books job if there is one and it will be verified.
Our skiptracing is very similar, but we will seek out more information such as a new residence address, phones, (landline or cell) and a POE if available. All the work we do is verified and that is what you are paying for. We do everything that we do for a POE search and more.
Both type of searches take time and if we were a larger company than perhaps we could afford to absorb the costs, but we are not. This at least helps us to cover our expenses. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.
I do love it though when attorneys call up and expect us to give them a reduced fee or free services. I ask them how much they charge per hour and it is usually $250 – $500 per hour. I ask if they will do free work for me and the answer is always NO. Why should we work for free if no one else does.

NOW CALL us at 954-722-0473.


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