Announcement from Credit and Collections

Good morning,

I would like to share with you that we are now up to 13,203 partner members of this group. Absolutely awesome and it keeps on growing. Your comments here are always welcome.

Our 7 other groups are also growing:
Credit & Collection Recruiters
The Credit & Collection Resume Place
Collection Benchmarking
Professionial Process Servers
Professionial Skiptracers
Professionial Collection Sales People
Vendor Recommendations

Please feel free to join the groups or groups that would meet your needs.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to The HMC Group to our Vendor Recommendations site. We are getting 1000 hits per week on that and the site is growing. If you are not on it and would like the additional exposure then please visit us at
For $49.95 per year can you really go wrong?

Skiptrace Consultants is now doing webinars. It is a lot less costly than traveling for the in person training. Check out

Are you getting the most out of your POE vendor. This is sometimes the hardest thing to get. The POE Locator can help you. Check out

How are your 3rd party collections doing? We can help place your portfolios. Check out We have the agency or law firm to place your paper with.

Are you an employer? Do you need a background search?
Get results within a 2 hour window.

Do you have something to discuss? Well post it. Do you want to promote something, please put it in promotions, a job opportunity then please post it in the jobs section. I have no doubt that these are being checked on a daily basis.

If there is anything that we can help with then call 954-722-0473.

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder


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