Announcement from Credit and Collections

Good Morning,

We are up to 11645 partners and growing daily in leaps and bounds. Our sub groups are also growing.

For the good news things are really hopping with our Vendor Recommendations website is growing. We are averaging over 1000 hits per week. Imagine having your site seen 1000 times in a week. Imagine how much more business you can generate with more people coming to your website as well.
Check it out at :

SkiptraceConsultants is now doing webinar training. You do not need to have them come out and thus you save money. Everything can be handled via the internet. Don’t forget to visit them at .

Are you not getting your POE’s in a timely fashion? You need to visit

Do you have any portfolios that need to be placed. We have the agencies that can handle it. InStat, Out of Stat, Consumer or Commercial. We can get it place for you. Check out

Are you hir
ing out there? Let us know. My resume is at and I am still seeking a position. If you are looking for a position make certain that you post an online resume.
I recommend as it is free and user friendly.

Have you visited our Blog

Are you doing background checks check out

Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Leader and Manager.


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