Information from Credit and Collections

Good Morning group,

We are up to 8420 members and still going strong. I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish everyone a happy and a healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year.

We should all be so lucky to obtain what we want in 2011.

I am no longer with one of the companies that i was with. It was a fairly mutual decision and time. Perhaps the best part is that I have a great book of business that I can bring over with a forward flow each month. I am also NOT under any non compete agreement.

I am currently seeking a position in the business development arena within the collection industry. My resume can be found at
I will look forward to all of your phone calls.

RZD Investigative Group, Inc is currently setting up skiptrace training seminars for 2011. Check us out at

Have you heard about the POE Locator? Check it out at

Are you seeking a location to place your business? Whether it is consumer or commercial whe have the fit for you.

Don’t forget to head of to the SkiptraceConsultants Blog as it is loaded with intresting bits of information.

Thank you and have a great holiday season,

Steve Taylor (954)722-0473
Group Founder


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