Announcement from Credit and Collections

Greetings on this glorious Tuesday afternoon.

We are up to 7936 members and still the fastest growing credit and collections group here on LinkedIn.

I have recently found that the job oppurtunities here are endless. The company that I am with is still sinking fast and I do not see much hope for a future.

I am still out there looking for a position and at the same time considering several.

Please feel free to review my resume at

RZD Investigative Group, Inc is seeking to book training seminars for 2011. Check out

The POE Locator is going strong. We are getting more visitors and new clients on a daily basis.

We have developed a new group called The Debt Collection Connection. If you have any past due portfolios that need collecting we will place them with the right agency for you. Check out

Recommendation of the week. PI Sollutions in Pueblo Colorado. Erika Goolsby is one of our trainees and she is just doing a bang up job. Check out

Are you seeking BANK ACCOUNT LOCATES? Call Kyle Duncan at 770-218-4675. Check out all their other products too. If you are a collection agency or collection law firm then you can benefit.


Thank you,

Steve Taylor
Group Manager/Founder


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