What Makes Us Unique To The Industry

Recently I was asked about what makes us unique to the industry. I feld that this would be the perfect forum to answer it in.

We are not a typical private investigation firm. We do not do surveillance work, nor undercover work, or any of the work that some may consider to be dirty. We are what one might call a boutique firm. We specialize strictly in skiptrace training and place of employment locates.

First our training is second to none and we stand out as a leader in skiptrace training. We are the only company that is willing to get on a plane and come to your location and spend the time that it takes going over all the nuances of skiptracing. We provide a skiptrace manual in a PDF format that can be put on a network. Why do we do that, very simple to prevent your employees from walking off with it. Hopefully they won’t be printing over 50 pages. If they are I do not think that it would go un-noticed. We train in a legal and ethical fashion.

Second – Our place of employment locates has become quite a niche for us especially since we have found that during downtime and in between training seminars we are busy locating jobs. When a firm wants a POE they contact us. Our clients include other investigators, collection agencies and law firms.

I was recently asked two questions the first being :
What is so important about getting a job on someone? The answer is twofold. One it serves as an additional point of contact for a debtor and second is it enable the creditor to file for garnishment and recover their money that way.
The second question is : Do I feel guilty doing that? The answer is no.

Please remember to visit our website at http://www.skiptraceconsultants.com

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