Place of Employment Searches

Are you aware that one of the most important thinge to a collector or collection attorney is a place of employment. Most collectors and attorneys do not know how to obtain that information.
Most people in the industry will use an electronic database to do their employment searches. That is a great tool and many times it can be a very big help, but it is only good if a companyh subscribes to this service. Not all companies subscribe to the service. For those hard to find places of employment RZD Investigative Group/SkiptraceConsultants can help you locate thos jobs that are not in a database. We guarantee that if your subject is working at a job that is on the books then we will find it. We do not guarantee the status. It could be full time or part time. We can’t guarantee that it will be in a state that permits wage garnishment.
The one thing that we can guarantee is that it will be a valid verified place of employment before we send it to you.
Would you like to know more call us at 954-722-0473 or visit our website at
You will be glad that you did.


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