Economic Times

RZD Investigative Group, Inc has recognized how difficult things are for the collection industry and collecting their outstanding debts. We have developed some certain methods of recovering thos sometimes lost dollars.
Increase and improve upon skiptracing. While many companies rely upon the electronic mediums to do it, there is nothing like a good old fashioned phone call.
Many people do not know how to understand how to read a credit report or how to read an Accurint report. We can train them how to interpret this data. If you locat more skips then you can generate more revenue.
Dollars are what keeps your company in business and your clients happy.
Having spent 30 years in the collection industry we have realized that proper skiptrace training is necessary to succeed in this business.
With a new year approaching and even harder times for many, think about adding a skiptrace training program to your agenda and we promise that you will not be disappointed.
Give us a call at 954-722-0473. Review our website at

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