Skiptrace Training

We are currently putting together our 2009 schedule for skiptrace training. Please visit our website : to obtain information about us. Please feel free to call us or send an email to schedule your training seminar.


9 thoughts on “Skiptrace Training

  1. Is there any truley qualified skip tracers who are in need of work either part or full time. If so we have all the work you can handle.
    Steve can provide you my contact info.
    As Always Best Regards,

    1. I am a skip tracer/asset locator looking for work at home. I have 7 years experience.

      I am on the east coast. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


  2. Steve,

    Just wanted to wish you well with thhis new blog. Blogging is’t something I do very much of, but it’s a good way to network and exchange ideas.

    If any PIs reading this are interested in more networking opportunities, please consider joining the PI Chatroom (now with voice/video).

    Contact me for instructions (

    Well, Steve..again, I’d like to wish you luck with the blog, and would encourage all of you to participate in it. It’s a great way to share…and to learn.


    Keith L. Walker
    Discovery Services Investigations

  3. Good luck with the new blog! Carl, I’m interested in new sources of income, and would love to chat with you about doing some part time work for you. You can get my contact info from my website.


    Damon Woodcock
    Woodcock Investigations

  4. All the very best to the blog. Am sure it will serve as a platform for all interested to share their views and experiences.


    Shehan Chris Menezes
    Blackjag Outsourcing Solutions

  5. In order to even be considered for this job, you need to send in $125.00 “Money Order” (“no checks”) AND you don’t need ANY experience.. OR you can take a “class” thru some college in Arkansas for $500.00. Oh, and mail your money order to his “mail drop” in WPB and send email to “Jean”.. (yeah right).

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